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Codes of Enlightenment A5

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The Codes of Enlightenment are a series of 12 beautiful and powerful sacred images that are encoded with higher vibrational energies for the clearing and opening of your heart, and generation of pure love in your life. The 12 codes have a transformational effect on your energy and consciousness, supporting 12 levels or dimensions of your heart to open, to allow your Divine Essence and Divine Presence to be more deeply experienced. The codes are accompanied by mantras, that when used in conjunction with the code, create a opening of your heart and energy system to help establish your higherself or divine presence energy connection.

For the Opening of your Sacred Heart and Embodiment of Unconditional Love in Life.

For the Development of your Joyful, Trusting, Healing, Knowing, Loving, Peaceful, Inspired, Intimate, Gifted, Truthful, Powerful and Ecstatic Heart. For the Opening of your Soul through the 12 dimensions of life, to receive the energy and love of their higher self and God Presence. These codes are for the raising of your vibration (energy levels) within your energybody and for the attunement of your energy and consciousness to the vibration of unconditional love, and your essence and God Presence.

The Codes of Enlightenment were offered to Sri’ama Qala by the Presence of Christ, in spirit form in 2005 when she was commissioned in partnership with artist Demetri Condos to ground them as sacred images, for the purpose of assisting humanity to open their heart to their Divine Presence (higher self) and embody unconditional love. These are the codes Christ received from his Divine Presence, as support for his journey on Earth during his incarnation as Jeshua (Jesus Christ), supporting him to hold unconditional love in this lifetime. The codes hold the blessings of all Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and beings who have walked the path of opening the heart beyond all fears and embodying unconditional love for all beings.