Universal Mantras of the One Heart CD

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Universal Mantras of The One Heart - For the Journey of Opening your Heart. This audio CD contains three 20 minute mantras: The God Presence Mantra, Opening the Heart Mantra, The Galactic Heart Mantra.

These 3 mantras when listened to or sung, support a soul on their path of Opening their Heart. Each are sung in the ancient languages of love and light.The 3 mantras together create a one hour journey that will raise your vibration and support you to release the old energies or fears that do not serve you to experience unconditional love and oneness in your life. Your God Presence will bless you and offer you the highest potential opening of your divine connection, through your heart, mind, soul, body and spirit as you lay and receive these sacred sounds. Simply give permission for universal assistance and healing before playing this CD, and find a comfortable place to lay and receive love. You may wish to use this CD to support others to experience a deeper level of oneness and wholeness.